CobbleSole - Foot Massage Insole

Say Goodbye To Sore And Tired Feet!

Swap your boring and plain shoe insoles with something that can give you much-needed pain relief and relaxation. Our premium CobbleSole targets major acupuncture points while you simply wear it on your feet.

With its unique and textured design, the CobbleSole gives your feet a stimulating massage while you walk. This helps lessen foot fatigue, promote better blood flow, reduce inflammation, and more!

Key Benefits

Relaxing Sensation -These amazing insoles are designed with strategically praised points that give your feet a soothing massage. Each step you take intensifies the massage, making the CobbleSole a great addition to any shoe.

Comfy To Wear -Despite its textured design, the CobbleSole is set to give instant relief to your previously sore and tired feet. In fact, it's sure to help you improve physical activity since it lessens foot fatigue.

Slimming Effect -Apart from providing you with great comfort, the CobbleSole also contributes to a better metabolism. Plus, it aids in reducing inflammation that can lead to annoying pains and bloating.

Universal Fit -Our handy CobbleSole can be shaped and cut to fit in any shoe. This way, you won't have to worry about the CobbleSole getting deformed or bunching in your shoe.