Colorful Long Ballerina Coffin Rhinestone False Nail Art

Rock these detachable press on nail tips whether you're on the stage, date, wedding, home or etc. . . These Colorful Long Ballerina Coffin Rhinestone False Nail Art are great for those who are on the go and love to change nail color to match the outfit of the night or day. Wearing fake nails also help to prevent nail biting, breakage and splits. They can be used when you're not able to grow the length and strength of your natural nails that you desire. 

These press on nail tips are made from acrylic material, gives you full nail coverage, exceptionally strong and with the right care they will last 2-4 weeks, after which they will begin to naturally grow out from your finger nail bed. They are water proof, extra long and come in a set of 24 pieces full fake nail tips.

Perfect for a professional salons, schools, business, home or spa use. Color resistant for that long lasting, fantastic and super bright nails for you. Flexible, and shiny resistant to any test; create a high shine, luxury manicure with instant results. Suitable for daily, working and dating occasion. A good manicure is the key factor for that professional smooth and evenly nails effect. Hurry get your before they are all gone!!!


Number of Pieces: Combo
Application: Finger
Quantity: 24pcs/set
Material: Acrylic
Item Type: False Nail
Type: Full Nail Tips
Feature1: Acrylic False Nails
Feature2: Detachable Fake Nails
Feature3: Acrylic Nail Tips
Feature4: False Nail Tips
Feature5: False Nails 
Feature6: Fake NailsPress On
Feature7: False Nails With Glue
Feature8: Tips for Nails
Feature9: Waterproof
Feature10: Long French Ballerina False Nails
Feature11: Professional Nail Art