ScalpSpa - Infrared Ray Massage Comb

Nourish Your Scalp With This Handy Massager

Looking for a way to stimulate your hair follicles for healthier hair growth? Care for your hair from the root to the ends by brushing it with our amazing ScalpSpa.

ScalpSpa uses infrared technology together with its solid bristles to promote better blood circulation on your scalp. Plus, it also helps to rid your scalp of product residue and pesky dandruff.

Key Benefits

Healthy Scalp -Caring for your scalp is essential when you want to achieve strong and healthy hair. Brushing your hair with the ScalpSpa helps stimulate the scalp, follicles, and blood vessels all at the same time.

Wireless Design -Our handy ScalpSpa is wireless, making it convenient to use and easy to carry. This way, you can treat your scalp to an amazing massage wherever you go.

Multipurpose Massager -This amazing ScalpSpa does wonders on your scalp, but it can also soothe other parts of your body. In fact, it's perfect for massaging the neck, shoulders, thighs, and more.

Relaxing Sensation -Apart from its cosmetic benefits, the ScalpSpa also provides you with a simple way to relax. Simply glide the ScalpSpa throughout your head for a quick mood boost